When you hear the words “hospice care,” you may immediately think about someone being comfortable during their final days. While hospice care does in fact help patients comfortably transition, this type of care can also help to improve the quality of life of a patient during their last few weeks or months. Read along to learn more about how this type of care can help to create a supportive environment and enhance the quality of a dying individual’s quality of life.

Symptom and Pain Management

Hospice does not only help someone to remain comfortable during their last days. It actually helps an individual who is in the dying phase to remain as pain-free as possible and as symptom-free as possible. This helps to improve the quality of life for a patient and allows them to complete as many activities and outings as possible.

Education About Your Choices

Hospice is designed to help create a supportive environment for both patients and their families. Unlike hospitals, hospice workers are there to help educate you on the choices and options that are available to you. Ultimately, this helps patients and their families to make the best choices as a family unit, and increase the quality of life for the patient in the ways that they best see fit.

Increasing Quality Time For Families

Patients who do not receive hospice care often find themselves in and out of the hospital or back and forth between emergency rooms, urgent care, or doctors’ office. Hospice care helps to keep someone comfortable and keeps their symptoms managed. This helps to reduce or eliminate the frequency with which an ill person has to spend their time dealing with medical issues. This gives families more quality time together.

As the benefits associated with hospice care continue to become more well-known, this type of care program is increasing throughout the world. According to Hospice News, the program will be available in 806 counties in 24 states, an increase from 461 in 2022. This type of care does not only help to make someone comfortable as they pass away. It helps to increase their quality of life in their final weeks or months. If you have a loved one who is in need of hospice care, reach out to our program to learn more.

Posted August 18, 2023