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Hospice care gives patients the gift of time. During this time, hospice can help patients feel comfortable while they come to terms with their diagnosis, spend time reminiscing, say goodbyes, and get their affairs in order. Our hospice care is intended to make every moment count during this stage of life.

Deciding who should care for your loved one is a precious responsibility and should you choose us, we will consider it our highest honor to provide the best possible care.

Hospice care also relieves caregivers and families of the stress and challenges that arise with a terminal illness. We are here too support you and your loved one.

Is your loved one ready for hospice? 

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Talking About Hospice With Your Family

How does your loved one want to live the last months of his/her life? That’s a big question.

Ideally, the conversation begins when everyone is healthy, with “what if…?” questions. You might talk about things like:

  • What if you’re sick and your body isn’t responding to treatment anymore?
  • What if you can’t speak? Who will speak for you and make decisions?
  • What if you end up in a coma? Do you want machines to keep you alive by breathing for you and getting food into your body?

An advance directive is a written plan that spells out the types of care you want—and do not want—at the end of life. Writing your wishes down gives your loved ones the tools they need to make informed decisions.

Making the Plan

Even if the patient can’t take part in the conversation because the illness is too far along, the family and people who care about the patient can still make plans for what comes next.

This is hard work, and it can be stressful and upsetting. Everyone may not agree on what is best. Tip: They can, however, agree to focus on the patient’s best interests and values. That approach will bring peace of mind for all.

Choosing hospice gives you control over how and where your loved one is cared for near the end of life.

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