Ventilator Release Program

Ventilator Release Program

Savior Hospice is proud to offer our new ventilator release program.

Our team assists people through the process of death and dying on a daily basis, and our skills are never more in demand than when a spouse, child or parent is faced with the momentous decision of discontinuing their loved one’s life sustaining respiratory support.

We recognize that withdrawing life support is a seminal event in the life of the patient and family members. We acknowledge the increased number of patients on ventilators during this COVID-19 pandemic and the increased appreciation for discontinuing respiratory support at home amongst their loved ones. Savior Hospice is now able to partner with providers to provide this valuable service.

Savior Hospice Ventilator Release Program Overview:

Prior to Admission:

  • A “Do Not Resuscitate” status is obtained and a legally authorized representative or an advanced directive is confirmed.
  • The Savior Hospice medical director and ventilator release team are
    consulted, and the circumstances of the case and all compliance issues surrounding the transition plan are reviewed.
  • The plan of care is established with the family, and members of the interdisciplinary hospice team.
  • The hospice level of care is determined.
  • The patient is assessed for safe transport on a portable ventilator by a Savior Hospice respiratory therapist.

Prior to Discontinuation of Ventilator:

  • A portable ventilator will be provided by Savior Hospice at no cost to the hospital, patient, or family.
  • The Savior Hospice team is assigned, including medical director, RN, RT, CNA, social worker, chaplain, and bereavement team.
  • Goals and expectations are discussed and clarified with the family
    Savior Hospice consents are signed.
  • The home safety evaluation is done, and all appropriate DME supplies are ordered and delivered.
  • AMR Transportation is notified, and the Savior Hospice RN and RT meet the patient at the hospital.
  • The patient is transported home under Savior Hospice services.
  • Savior Hospice staff provides education and support to the family regarding sequence of events, possible symptoms and presentation, medication management, non-pharmacologic comfort measures, family participation in the care of the patient, and end-of-life support.

During and After Discontinuation of Ventilator:

  • The Savior Hospice RN and RT are present at the time of ventilator
    discontinuation, which takes place within 2-4 hours of arrival.
  • The social worker and chaplain are present as desired by family for
    emotional and spiritual support.
  • Members of the Savior Hospice team are present continuously through the ventilator release process, including through provision of aftercare.

Please note: If the patient is COVID-19 positive, our Savior Hospice team will treat the patient and family with the same respect and compassion we do for all patients. Staff and family will be provided with full PPE, home cleaning protocols, and education on risks of exposure.

We hope by working with the staff in the hospital ICU units, we can allow your terminally ill patients on ventilators to pass with dignity in their own homes with their loved ones by their side. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions your team has about the Savior Hospice Ventilator Release Program.

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Call us to discuss a personalized care plan for you and your family.

Our Savior nursing team is available 24/7 to assist you. Ask about our free in-home consultation.