“To the staff with a special thank you to the social worker Carol and nurse Sherry. With much love and thanks to all of the staff. You are very special, loving and caring people! Thank you for all you do! Paul couldn’t be in better hands, we appreciate you all so very, very, much! We couldn’t do it without you all! You are the greatest, Best Hospice ever seen or had!”

-Paul H’s Niece

“Kim and her associates at Savior Hospice and Palliative are such a pleasure to work with!  I have referred multiple patients to their palliative care program over the past couple of years.  I appreciate their willingness to meet the patient where they are – whether that be palliative or hospice care – and know that they will respect individual and family wishes and not push anyone into a decision they are not willing to make. They provide in home nursing and social work visits catered to what the family needs where many palliative agencies do not offer these type of in home visits until patient goes on hospice.  I am always reassured knowing they will contact the individual or family immediately and have even had Kim be willing to make calls on her vacation time if needed 😊.  She does all the leg work in getting orders from physicians and communicating with providers office.  I appreciate all of their hard work with patients!

-M. Christi D, LMSW

“To everyone at Savior Hospice, I thank you for your thoughts, prayers and phone calls. But I must really thank you for the love, care and attention you gave. I am so appreciative. It is a comfort to me to know I was his “sunshine” to the end. Thanks so much!”

-Joanne B.

“My 92 yo uncle with cancer & COVID was referred to hospice. He & his blind wife called me from Mayo, desperately trying to figure out what to do. They live in Prescott but we’re stuck in Scottsdale. Several hospices contacted by Mayo were unable/unwilling to help them. I called Savior, explained the difficult situation & was told they would help. Savior arranged transportation back to their home, as well as local hospice services for them. As a retired RN/case manager (in another city), I am aware of how above & beyond Savior went to help out. They could have understandably passed on us & our messy situation, but they did not. Savior hospice should be the first & only choice for hospices. Good people doing good work, for the right reasons. Thank you so much.”


"A long overdue thank you for all the skilled and compassionate support you and your team provided during the health decline and death of my father this past March. When we started him on palliative care I really had no idea the extent to which you would help me all the way to the end of life. Once he took his fall and he was declining quickly, you immediately got him signed on with hospice care, assembled a team who would be there for him to monitor his status regularly and make him as comfortable as possible. That day they ordered a hospital bed, medical supplies and prescriptions ALL covered by Medicare. Sheree, (the hospice nurse) was with him regularly and kept me informed of changes on almost a daily basis. Erin, (the social worker) was very comforting and provided very good information and support during this time as well. I am SO thankful that I bumped into you at Sunrise and that Savior was there for me and my family during this most difficult time. I am happy to provide a referral for you any time!!"

-Dayna V.

"We have worked with Savior Hospice for a number of years and have found them to be best in class. They provide excellent care for their patients and are comforting and responsive to the families they serve. Families that have loved ones with Savior feel connected, engaged and appreciated. 

I have always been impressed with their leadership team. The trust and respect that they exude for their employees is a testimonial to the longevity that can be found there. There are not many Hospices like Savior. I would highly recommend using Savior when families need comforting care for a loved one."

-Ralph F.

“We recently needed the services of Savior Hospice and although the circumstances were awful because of how sick my mother-in-law was, we truly could not have asked for a better Hospice company to help us through it all. From the very beginning, everyone on our team was kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, honest and available to our whole family.  Amanda was our hospice nurse and she was outstanding. So empathetic and professional. Tabitha, our social worker, was also incredibly helpful. She was a wealth of knowledge and was able to recommend the best caretaking company to help us. We are from California so it gave us great peace-of-mind knowing that our loved one was in good hands when we were in transit. If you're in need of hospice care for a loved one, I could not recommend Savior Hospice enough!”

-Emily B.

“Please accept this thank you on behalf of the R Family in appreciation for the kind and loving support you showed William in his final days.  It was a difficult time for all of us, and we couldn’t have taken care of William without your teams support.  Every member went above and beyond to see that William was attended to.  Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!"

-Pat R. and Family

"Chaplain Bill—Thank you for bringing comfort, peace, assurance, encouragement, kindness, thoughtfulness and prayers  to the families during "there most difficult times you are there. Thank you and blessings always to you, your wife and family as you bring blessings to others!!! :)"


"Thank you so very much for making Jack’s journey through his last earthly days as pleasant and comfortable as possible.  Savior made the transition to your care an easy one and everyone who personally interfaced with Jack (and me) were wonderful.  I, and family members, are especially so grateful for the loving care and professionalism given by nurses, Angie and David.  I just can’t say enough great things about them.  Carol, social worker, was lovingly there for me throughout and lifted me up many days.  What an exceptional group of people you are!!"


"Dear Hospice Staff, Please accept our sincere thanks for your care of our husband and father, Marvin Davis. Melanie, Penny, Karla and Beatrice made a profound example of passion & caring.  We can not thank them enough for the compassion they showed us.  We could not have kept Marvin home without your help.  You truly are HEROES.  God Bless you and keep safe.  Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts."

- The family of Marvin D.

"We are so appreciative that we were able to keep Irv at home with as much comfort as we could manage with the use of your program and your many wonderful helpers. Each and every person who had contact with me, Irv, and our family were helpful, kind, caring, knowledgeable, easing our fears and with sometimes difficult circumstances at all hours. I absolutely couldn’t have done this alone. He was a wonderful, fun-filled, loving man & it gives me solace that we could ease his passage. Thank you beyond measure!"

-Barbara F & Family

"I don’t have the words to say how much my family and I appreciate your entire team for all you have done for us. You made a very difficult period in our lives bearable. Life with Dad was challenging enough and without the services you provided it would have been more of a challenge than we could have endured.  Again, thank you for being there!"

-Randy B.

"Dear Audi and David & all of Savior Hospice, 

Thank you so much for the kind words in the card you all sent when my mom died at Legacy in July.  Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for the beautiful work of both Audi and David with our mom, Carroll.  We were not allowed in to see her or be with her as she died.  Knowing that Audi ad David were with us through those awful 7 days outside of her window meant the world to us.  I do not have the words to express how important your work is and how we felt as you took care of my mom inside of her room.  I know Jesus was at work through you both as you lovingly cared for her, and took our place at her side.  I will be forever grateful to you both."

-Cathy Logsdon Moreno & Family

"We would like to thank everyone at Savior Hospice for the care and friendship shown to our parents this past 6 months.Alison in particular was such a light to my Mom that she knew that your organization was the right place for her and eventually my dad who passed last week.Compassion is a hard thing to find but Savior was indeed a truly compassionate and wonderful place that employees the best!"

-Marnie T & Family

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If you loved working with us and would like to leave a testimonial,
we would like to show our gratitude by donating $5 to the local charity of your choice!


If you loved working with us and would like to leave a testimonial, we would like to show our gratitude by donating $5 to the local charity of your choice!


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Out of gratitude, we would like to donate $5 to a charity of your choice as a thank you for your support.


If you loved working with us and would like to leave a testimonial, we would like to show our gratitude by donating $5 to the local charity of your choice!


Select a platform to leave your review:

Please let us know where you posted your testimonial.
Out of gratitude, we would like to donate $5 to a charity of your choice as a thank you for your support.