Give Back

How does Savior Hospice and Palliative Care Give back to our community?

  • Partnering 4 Patients – providing for patients with food insecurity and homebound seniors with limited food access

Partnered with:

      1. Dispatch Heath
      2. East Valley Food Drive
      3. Frozen Penguin
  • Assisting local Assisted Livings and Hospitals to obtain PPE for their staff
  • Providing education to community on how to navigate COVID-19
      1. How to properly wear PPE
      2. Making hand sanitizer
      3. Making cleaning solution
  • Providing training to caregivers on care needs of hospice and palliative patients
      1. How to properly use equipment
      2. How to safely care for fragile skin in the elderly
      3. Identifying increased care needs
      4. Monitoring for symptoms of discomfort
  • Donating equipment and supplies to patients in need.

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