Services Provided by Hospice

  • Hospice Doctor Visits
  • Nursing Visits
  • Social Worker and Pastoral Visits
  • Volunteer Visits
  • Medical Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Drug & Pain Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Short-term inpatient care
  • Short-term respite care

Savior Palliative Care

What is Hospice?

Hospice is a philosophy of care that allows patients and families to make the dying process as positive as possible. It is care given when it has been determined that medical treatment can no longer cure a disease. Hospice addresses and supports medical, physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We use a team approach utilizing doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains and volunteers who work together to make sure patients maintain dignity, symptom management and control of their care. Patients are eligible for care whether they are at home, in assisted living facilities, a group home or a nursing home.

The Medicare Hospice Benefit

The Hospice Benefit is provided under Part A of Medicare. Under this benefit, Medicare covers all items related to the terminal illness. There is a common misconception that hospice is only for the final stages of life but in fact many patients wish they would have called hospice sooner than they did. The Medicare Hospice benefit recognizes that certain aspects of the disease process are unique to the individual and allows or unlimited benefit periods as long as the patient continues to meet Medicare eligibility guidelines.

Where is Hospice Care Provided?

Savior Hospice will meet patient wherever they are. Most hospice care occurs at home because that is usually where patients prefer to live. Hospice care can also come to people who live in extended care facilities, such as assisted living centers or nursing homes. Patients who need advanced 24-hour care and symptom management may be eligible for short-term inpatient care.

Selecting a Hospice That’s Right for You

There are many Medicare certified hospice agencies in the Phoenix-metropolitan area. It is important to find out about the quality of care that each hospice offers. We suggest you interview a few agencies to make an informed decision.

  • Are all hospices the same? – All Medicare hospice agencies follow the same regulations; differences typically lie in the quality of care each agency provides
  • How do I decide if hospice is the appropriate care choice for me? –You can discuss your thoughts with a representative of the Hospice and/or your physician
  • How do I choose among different hospice programs? –Start by gathering a list of local hospice agencies in your area and request a meeting or telephone call with each to get a sense of the agency. Discuss your goals and expectations to make sure you find a good fit for your needs.
  • Are all hospices paid the same? –Medicare reimburses all Hospice providers at a daily rate based on regional location; for-profit and not-for-profit has no distinction). Differences often lie in corporate structure and tax responsibilities.

Our team:

  • Medical Director/Nurse Practitioner: Our medical directors and nurse practitioners are available to make home visits and will work closely with your primary care physician to address your needs. They are responsible for the medical management of the patient’s care.
  • Hospice Nurse: Our licensed hospice nurses are specially trained in pain and symptom management. They work to identify patient care needs, arrange for services, supplies and medications and are available to make visits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Social Worker: Our professional social workers help patients and loved ones by identifying community resources, assist with final arrangements and provide emotional and psychological support.
  • Chaplain: Our nondenominational chaplains provide support for patients and their loves ones in a manner that respects and honors the patient’s wishes, religious or spiritual traditions and cultural rituals.
  • Volunteer: Our trained and certified volunteers are available to assist patients and their loved ones with things like errands, companionship and brief respite periods.
  • Bereavement Counselor: Our bereavement counselors offer support to grieving families and loved ones through mailings, one-on-one counseling and group meetings. Bereavement Support services are available to the community at no charge.
  • Rehabilitative Therapy: Provided under arrangement with a Medicare certified agency, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech-language therapy are available for patients that would benefit from such therapy.
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)/Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) – Our CNAs provide loving, daily non-medical care and companionship with the goal of maintaining our patients’ dignity and personal hygiene while providing much needed emotional support.