Hospice Care Services

Savior Hospice pledges to provide the highest quality hospice service in Maricopa County and the greater Phoenix area. When you choose our hospice in Phoenix, the focus becomes the promotion of living as fully and as comfortably as possible. We work to make patients feel comfortable and supported. We give them the ability to experience an enhanced quality of life surrounded by those they love.

What Is Hospice?

Hospice is an appropriate course of care for terminally ill patients in the last six months of their lives, at a time when curative treatments are no longer an option.

Hospice caregivers help patients manage their illnesses and remain as comfortable as possible in their own environment. When you choose hospice care, the focus becomes the promotion of living as fully and as comfortably as possible. We also help address common worries, such as loss of independence, and look after the well-being of the family.

Hospice care also helps ease the burden of families caring for patients during this time.

Our end of life care in Phoenix addresses and supports medical, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We use a team approach that utilizes doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers who work together to make sure patients maintain dignity, symptom management, and control of their care. Patients are eligible for care whether they are at home, in assisted living facilities, in a group home, or in a nursing home.

We Bring Hospice to You

Our team makes regular visits at the bedside, wherever a patient calls home — a family residence, a long-term care facility, or a hospice unit — and we are on-duty 24 hours a day/seven days a week.

Savior Hospice & Palliative Care - In-home care

Our Hospice Care Services

  • Hospice Doctor Visits
  • Nursing Visits
  • Certified Nursing Assistant Visits
  • Social Worker and Pastoral Visits
  • Volunteer Visits
  • Medical Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Drug & Pain Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Short-term inpatient care
  • Short-term respite care

Selecting a Hospice That’s Right for You

There are many Medicare-certified hospice agencies in the Phoenix metropolitan area. It is important to find out about the quality of care that each hospice offers. We suggest you interview a few agencies to make an informed decision.

Is the Medicare Hospice Benefit Right for You?


The Medicare Hospice Benefit

The Hospice Benefit is provided under Part A of Medicare. Under this benefit, Medicare covers all items related to the terminal illness. There is a common misconception that hospice is only for the final stages of life but many patients wish they would have called hospice sooner than they did. The Medicare Hospice benefit recognizes that certain aspects of the disease process are unique to the individual and allows for unlimited benefit periods as long as the patient continues to meet Medicare eligibility guidelines.

Is It Time for Hospice?

Our hospice care in Phoenix gives patients the gift of time. During this time, hospice can help patients feel comfortable while they come to terms with their diagnosis, spend time reminiscing, say goodbyes, and get their affairs in order. Hospice helps improve their quality of life at the end of life. Hospice care also relieves caregivers and families of the stress and challenges that arise with a terminal illness.

Our Hospice Team

Our end of life care in Phoenix is provided using an Interdisciplinary Care Team (IDT) approach, with our staff of over 70 professionals who are highly experienced in comforting and alleviating the physical and emotional pain of someone facing end-of-life.

“We support our entire team to ensure that your loved one is getting the appropriate care and most effective treatment.”

  • We are responsible for the medical management of your care, including pain control and symptom management
  • We are happy to coordinate care with your primary care physician or specialists to address your needs
  • We are available 24/7

“We are responsible for the wholistic view of how your loved one is feeling.”

  • We are specially trained in pain and symptom management
  • We work to identify patient care needs, arrange for services, supplies and medications
  • We are available to make visits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • We report to the Medical Director
  • We discuss options for improvements for your loved one’s quality of life with your family

“We are friends who help our patients feel like their best self!”

  • We provide loving, daily non-medical care and companionship
  • Our goal is maintaining our patients’ dignity and personal hygiene while providing much needed emotional support
  • We give full showers and baths
  • We can wash and dry hair
  • We can even file and paint nails, give a nice shave, change sheets, and tidy up

“Paperwork and logistics can very overwhelming for a family, but we help take care of this for you."

  • We help with logistics to help remove stress from the family
  • We help patients and loved ones by identifying community resources, assisting with final arrangements and providing emotional and psychological support
  • We can help find benefits for your loved one

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Benefits – For what benefits does your loved one qualify?
  • Advanced Directives – Does your loved one have an end of life plan? What do or do you not want in an emergency?
  • Counseling – Entering hospice care is not easy. We help talk through difficult realities.
  • Funeral Planning – How should we make funeral arrangements?
  • Power of Attorney – We help you navigate and process paperwork.
  • Referrals – We coordinate with other agencies for additional support. (e.g. mobile dentistry, Meals on Wheels)

“We know the health of the soul is just as important as the health of the body.”

  • We are nondenominational chaplains
  • We provide support for patients and their loves ones in a manner that respects and honors the patient’s wishes, religious or spiritual traditions and cultural rituals
  • We help bring your heart peace amidst the struggle
  • We can pray with you, offer emotional support, and offer bereavement support
  • We are here to support you wherever you are spiritually
  • We can coordinate visits with your church pastor

Savior Hospice offers bereavement support for up to 13 months after the loss of a loved one. We are there for you for the first of everything: the first Christmas, the first birthday, the first anniversary of your loss. Learn more about our bereavement support 

“I bring an extra level of support, companionship, and caring into your home.”

  • I am available to assist patients and their loved ones with things like errands, companionship and brief respite periods
  • I enjoy sharing memories with patients and their families, playing cards and boardgames, and helping with meals

Learn how to volunteer.

“We help your family adjust, grieve, and heal.”

  • We offer support to grieving families and loved ones through mailings, one-on-one counseling and group meetings
  • Our services are available to the community at no charge

Paying for Hospice Care

Our hospice care services are 100% covered by Medicare. Discover the Medicare Hospice Benefit and other insurance/payment options for hospice.

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Bereavement Services

Did you know Savior Hospice offers bereavement support for up to 13 months after the loss of a loved one? We are there for you for the first of everything: the first Christmas, the first birthday, the first anniversary of your loss.

Call us to discuss a personalized care plan for you and your family.

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