End of life care isn't something that a lot of people like to think about. This is despite their being one of the only species that are aware that their lifespan is finite and could end at any time, humans are remarkably short-sighted when it comes to this. As a result, they will often be surprised when it's time. There are certain illnesses that hospice care staff tend to see and specialize in. What are they?

Dementia Patients

According to the Hospice Foundation of America, the bulk of people that hospice workers worked with were patients that had Alzheimer's and dementia. These patients have lost the ability to look after themselves and end of life care is often needed.


This is one of the most common diseases that will necessitate end of life care. The goal here is to provide the patients with as much comfort as possible as the cancer ravages their bodies. It can be a very trying time for everyone involved, including the family and staff.

Lung Disease

People who have COPD usually fall into this category. The hospice care professionals will make sure that they have continual oxygen and are as comfortable as they can be through the course of the disease. Lung cancer could fall into this category as well.

Heart Disease

When people hear about heart disease, their first thought is usually of a sudden fatal heart attack. That's not always the case. There are times when people experience heart failure, and it can take a long time for their bodies to finally succumb. That is where end of life care comes in. Again, the hospice care professionals will make sure that the patient's final days are as comfortable as possible.

It takes people with a special mindset to be able to work in hospice care, knowing that they are going to be giving their patients a final destination before their resting place. This can be in a hospital or even a person's home. Whatever the case, they will be doing their best to make the end be as smooth as possible.

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Posted 6/15/23